Unity Projects



Virtual Worlds
Desdemona is a resident of Second Life, Reaction Grid, Inworldz, Kitely and ScienceSim.  

These are computer simulated environments within which you can engage in computer mediated communication and collaboration.  A defining characteristic of these virtual worlds is that most of the content you see, including the avatar representations of people, has been created by the the residents of these worlds, not the corporations that created the world infrastructures.

Desdemona has co-created award winning exhibitions hosted by Second Life and Reaction Grid.  She is an expert computer programmer.  She has an in-depth knowledge of physics, mathematics, medical imaging, and embedded systems.

Unity3d Portfolio
Unity3d is a game development software tool that may be used to create scientific visualizations, architectural simulations, educational presentations, and artist exhibitions.  Once created, a Unity project can be exported to execute on a desktop, tablet, or mobile host, or it can be provisioned to be a virtual world within which people share a perceptual experience.

Solar System Simulation

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