Short Bio

Desdemona Enfield is a master scriptrix and advanced builder in the Linden grid and various Open Simulator grids.  She works with artists, mathematicians, physicists, architects, educators, and product developers.

Her collaborations have included DynaFleur at Princeton, the Butterfly and Meteor Shower quest systems at Ode, an astrophysical visualization system at StellaNova,  Pillflower and Dancing with Myself for Nar Duell, the Explore It career exposition for Santa Barbara City College, the Galilean Moons exhibit for the Visualizing Theorem project, D.construct for Splitscreen, stage 4 of the Path exhibit hosted by the Linden Endowment for the Arts, and the scripts which create visualization of the E8 Lie Group that underlays the unified field theory of the physicist R Garrett Lisi.

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