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Scriptrix and Priminatrix

Desdemona is a master scripter and advanced builder in Second Life.

She works for artists, mathematicians, physicists, educators, and product developers that create in-world content for the Linden grid and various open simulator grids. She creates custom animations, sculpts and textures using both off the shelf tools and her own custom systems software. She pursues her own research projects in large scale scripted systems, photometric reconstruction, and interactive design.

Her award winning collaborations with Douglas Story include: FlowerBall, which was a Top Ten Art Installations noted by New World Notes; DynaFleur, which received 11,000 visitors in 2008 and was listed in the Linden Lab Showcase in 2009; and Ripple: A Meditation on Waves, which is listed in the Linden Lab showcase. She is the script author of the Burning Life 2008 to 2010 Lamplighter drumming systems, the Butterfly and Meteor Shower quest systems at Ode, an astrophysical visualization system at StellaNova, the Explore It career exposition for Santa Barbara City College, Galilean Moons for the Visualizing Theorem exhibit, D.construct for Splitscreen, and stage 4 of the Path exhibit hosted by the Linden Endowment for the Arts. In collaboration with Wizard Gynoid, she developed the scripts that create the visualizations of the E8 Special Lie Group which underlays the unified field theory of the physicist R Garrett Lisi. (1/2012)

If you Google her name as an exact phrase, you will get about 12,000 hits, provided you intentionally disable the Google filters that allow you to only see what Google thinks you wanted to see.

She performs these functions on an ongoing basis....
  • mentoring on scripting techniques and the mathematics underlying them
  • relentless role play (smiles) and similar time consuming activities
  • large scale collaborative project development
  • smaller projects done on an ad hoc basis for self and friends.
  • for fee script system design and development
  • virtual world design using the Unity3D development tools

Collaborative Project history (these are avatar names unless otherwise indicated):

  • The ELVEN educational center for Dewey Jung, Puglet Dancer
  • Flowerball for Douglas Story, Dizzy Banjo
  • Gifting Hugger for Random Calliope (~25,000 gifts given)
  • Butterfly gift hunt systems at Ode for Elizabeth Tinsley
  • Dynafleur with Douglas Story, Dizzy Banjo, Poid Malivich
  • Shooting stars gift hunt systems at Ode for Elizabeth Tinsley
  • Stormeye at New Medium Consortium with Douglas Story, Bryn Oh
  • Ripple at New Medium Consortium with Douglas Story, March McBain
  • Visualisations of the E8 Lie algebra with Wizard Gynoid, L. Garret Lisi (RL)
  • Purgatorio at Rezzable's Garden of NPIRL Delights with Douglas Story, DB Bailey,
  • Astrophysical Simulations at MICA-VW for Curious George, CalTech
  • Trolley systems at Misty New Orleans for Magnum Benoir
  • PillFlower at New Media Consortium for Nar Duell, OCAD, Toronto
  • Dancing with Myself for Nar Duell, OCAD, Toronto
  • SBcc Explore It at Santa Barbara City College with Liz Jewell, DB Bailey, Douglas Story, Keystone Brouchard,
  • Urban Spectre at Burning Life 2008 with Douglas Story, DB Bailey,
  • Kansas to Cairo inititative, for DB Bailey, Kara Monahan, University of Southern California/Al Shams University, US State Department
  • Drums systems at Burning Life for Brigitte Kungler and JeanBaptist Eilde
  • AMS PhotoSystem products, an in-world photographic staging system for Serenity Mercier
  • Technical Director: Soul Awakening Dance Group for Natalina Devona
  • Long Sushe (Dragon Dormitory) at RMB City Exhibition for OCAD artists
  • Princess Iron Fan at RMB City Exhibition for OCAD artists
  • Factory Gesture vendor at RMB City Exhibition for OCAD artists
  • 1000 Avatars project, display scripting for Gracie Kendal
  • Visualizing Theorem: The Galilean Moons with Douglas Story, March McBain
  • Art Breakers: Embryo at PAL for Sledge Roffo
  • D.construct at Splitscreen with Douglas Story, March McBain
  • The Path at LEA, stage 4 with Douglas Story
  • Klein Bottle for Wizard Gynoid
  • Colorized E8 for Wizard Gynoid

A listing of her solo and smaller projects would be as follows:
  • an auto-teleporting system that pulls an bot avatar to a tour leader and has the bot avatar camera track the tour leader's camera.
  • region metrics to monitor timer event jitter
  • Scripting support for Bryn Oh's exhibitions at the Expo 2010 Shanghai
  • land terraforming systems for Reaction Grid
  • inter-grid presence detection systems which display at her office which grid *visitor gifts in the Rezzable grid
  • wide area landscapes created from segmented sculpts
  • curvilinear inter prim texture mapping
  • morphing stage ceilings for Music Island and Aldo Abbruzzio
  • story writing and the creation of visual vignettes documenting these stories
  • particle based astrophysical special effects: clusters, black holes, binaries
  • a numeric analysis of sound roll-off and Doppler effects
  • scripted devices to provide region lag metrics
  • precision sculpt generation using computer programmed mathematics
  • meteor shower stage effects for concerts at Music Island
  • a detailed study into the glitched behaviors of sound synchronization
  • using sine wave avatar robots for gallery exhibition rezzing
  • role playing quest systems: permits, powers, access, events
  • precision, multi-prim landscape sculpting with Phong Artifact suppression
  • an in-world introductory tutorial on Quantum Mechanics
  • machinima director system for coordinating cameras, animations, and movement
  • Desdemona received a 10,000 L$ award from Linden Labs for the discovery and investigation of a "previously unknown server denial of service attack vector" (jira SEC-301)
  • Sample visualizations for health, physics, math, and finance. This 3D rezzing system, which will make 3D graphs of your own data, was being gifted freely at the data visualization lab at StellaNova (218,27,26) during 2009
  • Vehicle performance metrics for deriving parameters from extant motion
  • advanced scripted methods to perform wide are prim alignment
  • The shooting star gifting system at Ode (194, 172, 151)
  • using precision particle placement to create arbitrary surface shapes
  • 2D Bessel wave simulations using n-body technique
  • stage prop 'one click' set management system
  • architectural simulations used for first life urban planning
  • sporing mushrooms and solar/lunar beams in Chakryn Forest
  • the hug gifting system distributed by Random Calliope
  • the capture and analysis of avatar and object ballistic motion
  • advanced methods for scripted texture alignment
  • platonic solid rezzer and other scripted geometric rezzers.
  • a camera view control system with fixed view and variations on follow view
  • distributed visitor logging system
  • extended sound sequencing techniques
  • numerous variations on animation control and puppeteering
  • development of algebraic analytical methods to achieve precise rotations of child prims
  • SL solar kinematic analysis
  • an analysis of the limits of validity for LSL arithmetic operations

  • "Scripters type it better" (smiles)
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  • cf: Desdemona's technical blog
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